The Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review – Here’s A Real Deal!

When doing the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review, there are not many reviews you undertake about a product where you get such a unanimous reaction as I did. The Canon EOS Rebel T2i 18 MP CMOS APS-C Digital SLR Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens, bit-digital (Phew!) apparently has an 80% five star rating which is generated directly from people that have purchased the camera; impressive indeed.

OK the Canon EOS Digital Rebel review showed there was a bit of disagreement about size – some said it was a bit small but others liked the size, and there was an expectation that the battery would be the same for other similar Canon models. On further investigation, however, ichimame most of the areas of disagreement were based on personal expectation and differing levels of photographic experience, and the overall performance of the camera far outweighed any niggles people had.

The “Feel” OK, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel review found it doesn’t have some of the design features of its more expensive cousins, but it certainly doesn’t have a “cheap feel” about it, and the very large, very clear 3″ waterproofed and hardened LCD screen is certainly well received.

Image Flexibility The Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review showed also that there was a consensus that image quality was better than expected, and in this regard the camera was punching above its weight. As well, the ability of the camera to take great photographs in dimly lit conditions was very well received by those who had purchased it.

Fast Actually taking the photograph was also easy, thewordcounter with comments made in the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review about the autofocus system being very fast which gave great reproduction from high speed action photos like sports action. Assisting in this area was the redesign of the function buttons on the camera which improved its ergonomic qualities.

Video A lot of people upgraded to this level of camera because of the video. Apparently this has been very well received and the video is certainly not just a marketing tool or just an added extra. In the Canon EOS Digital Rebel review people have commented that the support you receive for video in this DSLR camera is equivalent to that you might find in a $2000 – $3000 professional camcorder.

Lens Support Another big advantage of buying into the Canon stable of cameras is the extensive lens support that is available. What’s more, if you are starting out into the DSLR field, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review found out that you can get good quality lenses that won’t end up costing cost twice as much as the camera!

In concluding this brief Canon EOS Digital Rebel Review, one attitude comes through loud and clear and that is when you buy the Canon EOS Rebel T2i you are getting plenty of BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!

That’s the Review – Where’s the Deal?

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