Coin Collecting is Fun & a Great Investment Too

Collecting coins, especially American gold, silver and platinum coins can be a fun hobby and may prove to be an excellent way to invest money too. The United States Minted coins are a good choice since their purity is backed by the United States Government. whybitcoinprice

You can collect these coins in many ways. For example, you can decide to collect each year a particular coin is released, collect special editions or anniversary coin sets, United Marriage Education collect just one type or size of coin. Alternatively, you can collect all types and sizes!

My husband and I began coin collecting by accident. We own a service business and one of our customers gave us several loose American silver dollars as a gift. When we looked up the value of the coins, ufa168live we were amazed and have been surprised every year as they have grown in value.

Our favorite coins to collect are American minted coins, TherapistFlorida because, as we stated above, their purity is backed by the United States Government. That is not to say, we wouldn’t love finding a gold doubloon or two on the beach (many people do in Florida). In the meantime, we’ll keep checking on gold eagles or gold buffalo coins for sale online for our gold coin finds. Our very favorite is the American platinum eagle, although we do not have many of these lovely coins in our collection yet. Wireless wanted

Finding collectible American coins to buy at a discount may prove to be a bit of a challenge. Although we have been quite lucky in getting good deals. My husband and I go “garage sailing” and occasionally we have found these coins for sale at just a little more than face value.

Sometimes you can buy them online at good prices, chronicleshub especially on auction sites. You need to be a bit cautious when buying the coins on an auction site by checking the seller’s feedback and shipping prices, yet many times everything is above board and you can buy the desired coins at good prices. Click here []

Having some of our money invested in American gold, silver or platinum coins does give us a sense of security. Historically, the coins have maintained their value, and we will always have immediate access to cash if we ever need it. slipnomore


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