Direct Sellers: The Social Seller

The direct selling model has been around for more than 150 years, and it continues to be an effective model for getting sales and obtaining profit. It is basically the original social networking business, Gettraffik since it is driven by word of mouth marketing, through the relationships and trust that people form with each other.

Though the main tools of the direct selling trade are basically the people themselves, the technology of today has definitely changed the way people form connections with other people. In the past, direct sellers were limited to physical locations. They literally had to go door-to-door, organize a party in their house, Socialdirectionz or conduct a meeting at a restaurant or local café.

Nowadays, technology has made it possible for direct sellers to conduct their business anywhere. They can now reach hundreds of people with just one click, symboliamag and they don’t have to be physically next to the other person to interact with him and talk about the benefits of a product they’re selling.

In addition, social media has even accelerated real-time interactions online. This is why more and more direct sellers are utilizing social networking sites to promote their brand and obtain new leads. The viral effect of social media has made it easy to disseminate information to lots of people in a very short amount of time. Populardiary

As a social seller, however, you should remember that not only are you representing you personal brand, Idealbiz but you are also assuming the brand of your company. You have to be ready to entertain inquiries from people and even handle customer service questions. Though you may have your own Facebook page apart from the company’s, it ceases to be your own because you also entertain questions regarding the company, and the company should make sure that your values and content are in line with the company’s brand.

The key here is maintaining a healthy balance in being personable and 360directory yet upholding the values and culture of the company you represent. Social media is actually ideal for direct sellers because it helps build relationships through enhanced communication and personal interaction. Communication in social networking sites is always two-way, since your audience can choose to share, like, repost, re-tweet, bookmark, and comment in your pages and posts.

If properly utilized, Breathingsocial social media can be an extremely profitable channel for direct sellers. Since direct selling is basically about relationship building and recommendations from people you trust, social media can help you achieve these things quickly and efficiently. Consumers can post their feedback and recommendations on your pages, which other people can view and which can influence their buying decisions. You can also create targeted communication to people who are really interested in your products, and since social media offers real-time interaction, it creates an impression that you are always in contact with your customers.

Direct sellers are basically social sellers who really need to strike a healthy balance between promoting their personal brand and upholding the values of their company’s brand. When they are able to effectively utilize social media in their campaign, then it can really help them achieve all their direct marketing goals. For more details please visit here sites:-


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