False Claims Forces Radical Changes to Marketing Strategy

Those venturing into Internet marketing face many dangers. All is not as sweet or straightforward as one is led to believe. Support is not given, adriancochieci time is wasted, money is lost, disillusionment sets in, and people give up in despair. This is unfortunate as Internet marketing can be very profitable.

Pay heed to the cautionary advice given below.

Some highly successful Internet Marketers publish Proof of Income as a part of their bling marketing campaigns. Prospects are bombarded with video recordings of very healthy online bank accounts, jobzipk and large bundles of cash.

This practice is not permitted by many companies including MyInternetBusiness which was badly hit by this malady. This was despite all Associates being required to sign an Application Agreement with the Company which states “I agree not to make any direct income claims of my earnings, thefantasytimes specified in dollars or other currency regardless of proof or verification. This also includes the showing of checks, copies of checks, online payment systems, bank statements, or tax records. Any violation of this rule, or statements found to be untrue, will be cause for associate termination and may be legally actionable”.

The Company successfully stamped out a lot of this malpractice, adriancochieci but has had considerable difficulty eliminating it because of the sharp practices of one or two individuals. (Would you buy a second hand car from these people?). The results were entirely predictable. Prospects piled into a few teams in the expectation that they, too, would achieve mega incomes. Wrong! Despite all the promises of help, one-2-one mentoring was reserved for the vast minority. These teams are huge and expanding all the time. There simply are not enough hours in the day for the sponsors to offer support – much as they may wish to do so. Most newbies were left to fend for themselves. They did not have the flash car, houseofbling expensive house or huge balances in their online bank accounts to show how successful they were. Furthermore, with big hitters spending many $1000s per week on advertising there was little chance for the average newbie to break into the market in a meaningful way. Many gave up disheartened. Orphans were scattered across the wasteland that is Internet Marketing. What a sad state of affairs. ameriagency

Unfortunately Internet marketing seems to go hand in hand with hype and bling. There is no doubt that many people are taken in by these tactics. Yet, many people are seriously put off by them. There is a demand for an alternative way of marketing. In response to this, Internet marketing groups are being established that place emphasis on openness, honesty, integrity, support and camaraderie. These groups bring a breath of fresh air to the murky waters that are Internet marketing and are highly recommended. Ignore this advice at your peril. For more info please visit sites here:-http://www.yourpaella.co.uk http://www.stumblesites.org/ https://www.addbiz.org/ https://www.powerbizdirectory.com/


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